Continuous improvement made simple.


Redline Automation makes business safer, more reliable and more efficient by automating processes that are crucial for the business to operate.

Having tools that enables safety, efficiency and reliability are the success factors for a modern business.

With our tools you can easy build models, rules, notifications and business intelligence reports to manage your environment that suits you.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Be Safe – managing access and people in your environment
  • Be Reliable – tools to manage reliability of equipment
  • Be Efficient – tools that improve your business efficiency


Be Safe

  • Log Book – manage events in business
  • Contractor Manager – medical, certificates and restricted access
  • Permit Manager – confined space, working at heights, dangerous goods and restricted access

Be Reliable

  • Production Reliability – Maximise uptime
  • Condition Monitoring – Equipment availability
  • Equipment Information – Equipment data at your fingertips

Be Efficient

  • Production Reporting – Know what you are making
  • Process Modelling – Analyse and improve your business
  • Business Dashboard – Know your business

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