Startups provide a suite of streamlined site access solutions for BHP

In April 2019, world-leading resources company BHP engaged open innovation platform Unearthed to run an online crowdsourcing competition to access a range of solutions that could improve the site access experience for workers across their Australian operations. https://unearthed.solutions/news/startups-provide-suite-streamlined-site-access-solutions-bhp?utm_source=Newsletter

Breaking the mould: How Industry 4.0 is modernising the way manufacturers do business

The technologies that are driving the fourth industrial revolution are becoming increasingly familiar. In fact, many of them have been around for some time. What, then, makes Industry 4.0 revolutionary? According to industry experts, getting on board requires transforming manufacturing business models https://www.manmonthly.com.au/features/breaking-mould-industry-4-0-modernising-way-manufacturers-business/

Automation, AI and machine learning in mining: What is the reality?

Let’s begin with the ‘why’ of automation. The most commonly used reasons include: Safety: Removing humans from hazardous environments or activities and eliminating ‘human error’ Efficiency: Completing repeatable tasks in an accurate and timely manner for an indefinite period of time Reliability: Availability and consistency of the desired outcome. In the majority of cases we […]

Milestones passed on the road to an Australian Performance Standard for Battery Testing

The Australian Battery Performance Standard Project (ABPS) was launched in June of 2018 and has now advanced into its second and last stage after completing an intensive period of analysis and calibration. Along with the recently completed ITP Renewables testing, Australia will soon have comprehensive standards across the board. The ratification of performance standards would […]

Manufacturing Intelligence: How Manufacturing and Business Operations Are Changing

Manufacturing is experiencing a digital revolution. With the technologies driving Industry 4.0 – IIoT, AI, and cloud at the forefront – manufacturing has reached a critical tipping point. Manufacturers need to either embrace the digital transformation of their operations and processes now or fall behind their competitors. A PWC study predicts that manufacturers will spend […]

What Is the ROI on a Modern Industrial Maintenance Software?

These days, manufacturers need to run their physical assets – especially high-capital ones – at optimal efficiency. They must do this to remain competitive in a market that demands quality despite rising manufacturing costs and stricter regulations. Under such conditions, the maintenance managers in charge can relate with the challenge of getting funds approved for […]

Indonesia Struggles To Keep Investments As Shell Looks To Exit LNG Project

Shell is seeking to sell its minority stake in a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Indonesia, hoping to get US$1 billion for its 35-percent interest in the US$15-billion project, Reuters reported on Friday, quoting banking and industry sources.   https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Indonesia-Struggles-To-Keep-Investments-As-Shell-Looks-To-Exit-LNG-Project.html

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